The Tatt2Away protocol employing Patterned Trans-Epidermal Pigment Release (P-TEPR) is a novel system for tattoo removal and modification, invented and distributed by Rejuvatek Medical Inc (RMI). It is highly effective for removing tattoos and selected tattoo elements prior to a tattoo cover-up modification. The protocol is only performed by highly trained and RMI certified technicians in authorized Tatt2Away member centers.

Tatt2Away removal and modification targets all colors, ages, sizes, and styles of tattoo. Only natural products are used to remove tattoo ink. The Tatt2Away protocol offers minimal risk of scarring and loss of skin pigmentation. To obtain the best possible result, you must follow the Post-Treatment Instructions for Tatt2Away precisely and diligently.

Skin layers containing the tattoo pigment are treated in a way similar to the method used to apply your original tattoo. A special Teprsol fluid is delivered into the dermal tissue containing the tattoo pigment using a precision micro-needle set. The needle set is vibrated by a rotary handpiece, similar to a rotary tattoo machine.

Tatt2Away treatment causes tattoo pigment to rise to the surface during healing in the form of debris scabs. These scabs fall off (taking the ink with them) after about two weeks. These scabs must be allowed to fall off naturally. Before treating an adjacent area, prior treated areas must be given whatever time they require to fully heal and mature to normal. This requires a minimum of eight to twelve weeks, depending on how your body controls the healing process.

Please remember that an entire tattoo cannot be removed in a single session. Tattoos are removed piecemeal, like removing unconnected pieces from a picture puzzle. Several treatment sessions, separated by healing periods, are required to remove the entire tattoo. Allowing treated skin to heal fully between treatment sessions, minimizes the chance of scarring. We will estimate the total number of treatment sessions required to remove your tattoo.

If you have already attempted removal of your tattoo, we will carefully evaluate the condition of your skin relative to your potential for scarring. Prior laser treatment may eliminate you as a candidate for Tatt2Away tattoo removal.

Cost is calculated per session and per square inch of removal. A minimum cost applies to every session. Therefore, it may be advantageous to treat several small tattoos at the same time. The maximum areal size for tattoo removal in any given session is limited to two standard 3×4 inch templates. Ninety-minute sessions may be required to treat a two-template removal.