Due to such high demand, most of our artists work by appointment only.  However, setting up an appointment is easy.  

The first thing you have to do is come in for a formal consultation. 

We keep an open consult hour from 12:00-1:00 Tuesday through Saturday.  All you have to do is come in.  Consultations are free.  

After the consultation, we'll compare schedules and find a date that works for both of us.  To secure the time slot, you'll provide a deposit proportionate to the the scale of the tattoo. 

Deposits are non-refundable.

A few days before your appointment is your art check.  You'll come in preferably between 12:00 and 1:00 to review your design and have another chat with your artist. We do not send designs or drawings out or provide you with a copy.  The art review is a courtesy we extend to you in order to identify any minor edits which may be needed prior to your appointment to make your experience more efficient.  It is not required for our artists to perform a tattoo. 

Once everything is settled, you'll come in on your scheduled appointment and get a great tattoo!  

You can contact your artist directly:

Ben: benkellytattoo@gmail.com

Josie: Josiepitattoos@gmail.com

Ryan: rstark35@yahoo.com

Mareva (Thursday - Sunday): marevalambough@yahoo.com




For generally questions, shoot the shop an email at redoceantattoo@gmail.com



TUES-SAT 12:00-7:00 Sun 12:00-5:00

Consultations, scheduling and art review 12:00-1:00

The studio is located at 111 E. President, Street Savannah, GA 31401


Before your appointment: You should EAT a large meal at least two hours prior, DRINK plenty of WATER, and REST up.  While there are plenty of rumors about pain management going around there's no completely safe way to avoid the pain of a tattoo.  Taking care of yourself the day before usually aids most in getting through long sessions.  If you're wondering about pills, creams, gels, or any other type of pain medication or topical product, please consult your doctor.